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Online casino free play

Large online offers sound great . We have seen large online offers of free play, as much as $1500 offered to new people who sign up on various online casino website. We have not followed through on any of these offers, nor have we signed up to any of these online free play offers. We do not believe that new sign-up will automatically receive immediately $1500 in free play. We are certain that there will be a qualifying period, As well as qualifying play that must be attained before the full $1500 in free play is available.

Casino Free Play

Free play can usually be used on any of the slot games available online as well as any of that table games that are available online. When you do receive free play, this is like real money placed in your account. The free play cannot be withdrawn from your account until it is all used up. Any money that you win as a result of using free play can be withdrawn from your account.

Most players often continue to use the money they have won using free play money because they feel it is free and they’re playing on the casinos money. Before they know what has happened the money is gone and now they need to contribute money from their own bank account.

Online Casino Free Play

Free play offers when you sign up are usually available from most online casinos. It is important to read all of the FinePrint and understand what conditions apply to both receiving the free play money as well as utilizing the free play money.

Earn free play as you play when you are using your own currency from your bank account. This free play money will build up based on the amount of time, and the amount of money that you are gambling over a given period. Depending on how much you play, it can be substantial. This free play money is in addition to any winnings or losses that you may incur.

Free play money can disappear fast. We have seen $200 in free play money at brick and mortar casinos disappear within 15 minutes based on poor winnings and playing quickly. Take your time and enjoy the free play money and above all take your winnings and run. Online casino free play money can go just as quickly as it does in the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Use your own money carefully once your free play money is gone. After that you are using your own money and it can disappear just as quickly. Of course if you do when a big jackpot it is time to withdraw the money from your account and enjoy the winnings.

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Online Casino

Play Online Casino

It can be a lot of fun to play at an online casino. I particularly like to play some of the Texas hold ‘em online casinos that allow you to play for free. With credits just like you would in the real casino, however they are free credits and no one loses any real money. For me this is the best way to play online casino. Since the credits you are playing with are free, in other words you did not have to pay for them and they do not cost anything, the style of play is quite different than in a real casino or online with real money.

Bragging Rights

Of course there are bragging rights when you make a lot of credits against your opponents that you’re playing. These are people from all over the world who play at online casinos. The more credits that you amass, the more you can brag about how well you are doing.

With the Texas hold’em like casinos, you can start off with a minimum of 80 credits, or you can play with all of your credits. There are various table limits and different rules depending on the game you play. For example there are two dollar and four dollar fixed limits in terms of small and large blinds and then there are those games that are unlimited.

You are playing against people from all over the world literally. If you place your mouse over the players icon you can see which country each person is from.

Style of Players

There are many different styles of players. You can tell the ones who really do not know how to play. They bet on anything and raise on anything trying to scare off the other players. For the most part it doesn’t work and they end up losing all of the chips.

Players also have connections that are not so great. This can cause delays in responses to a bet or a raise. In addition some players are playing multiple games and are sometimes slow to respond when it is their turn to check or bet or meet another bet by another player. These situations are somewhat frustrating, however it is still fund to play and go up against people from all over the world.

Playing poker at online casinos for free is a great way to learn the game, learning strategies and experience playing against many different styles of players. If you’re contemplating becoming a poker player, this is one of the best ways to learn.

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Online Casino

Play casino online

We recently downloaded a casino online app to our iPad and began playing it. This is a free app and also a free online casino game with many different slot machines that you can play as well as video poker games that you can also play. It was great fun and enjoyed it very much for the first day.

When we first signed up to play this free slot machine game on our iPad, we were given $1 million in free play credit. Sounds like a lot of money! We started playing video slot games on the iPad and either we chose a really bad game to play or just were not winning but we went through the $1 million in about three hours.

We then attempted to have more free credit so we can continue playing and found that the video slot machine and wanted to charge us some money to add free credit. We refused and moved on to another game. This is really a shell game to try and charge you for playing online video games using your tablet or smart phone and for the video slot machine app developer to make some money.

We again tried the app the following day and this time we were awarded 75,000 in free play instead of 1 million. We went through that 75,000 in about 30 minutes.

The online slot machine app on our smartphone is actually a lot of fun to play however they’re trying to make money and charging for the play credits is one of the ways. They also provide online advertising on the pictures well. We rate this particular app from IGT as a negative since they are too focused on making cash money from their players.

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Online Casino


The title of this post was chosen since so many people do not know how to spell Casino, they in turn apparently choose to spell it as follows Casino.

We decided to write a small post about this apparent misspelling of the word casino, because people are looking for information about regular casinos in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Tunica and Atlantic city as well as online casinos that you play on your smartphone or desktop computer.

Casino – Live Casinos

The live casinos that you actually go in to the building and play slot machines and table games are thriving in this economy. We’ve been to over a dozen casino over the last two months and found them to be extremely busy on the weekends and even moderately busy during the week. These are vacation oriented locations and people are going there after work as well as traveling through as tourists.

There are a lot of casinos that are just that with no hotel or anything in the area to attract tourists. Many people prefer to go to those casinos that include a hotel, nice restaurants and perhaps even a golf course. Some will also have entertainment at night. These casinos deliver the full package and are very attractive to locals as well as tourists who come to spend a great weekend, see a show, have a nice meal and perhaps do some gambling.

Casino – Always Use a Slot Card

Whether you spell the word casino properly or as Casino, it really does not matter. The most important thing is to make sure you’re using a slot card to collect all of your comps and promotions since these are part of your wins at the casino. Free play anytime is something that can be valued as well as free play, tickets to shows and other comps that may be available.

If you win over $1200, you will pay tax on your winnings. By using your slot card the casino can provide you with a win / loss statement at the end of the year which may help you get some of your tax money back.

Remember the golden rule, always use your Slot card when you’re playing at the casino.

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